Everything you need to know about chicken pox & its cure

Everything you need to know about chicken pox & its cure

Chicken pox is amongst one of the most contagious disease that affects kids. It is also one of the most common ailments that occurs in kids who belong to the age group of 5 to 9 years. And while the occurrence of chicken pox in India has significantly reduced after the development of the chicken pox vaccine there are still many children who are diagnosed with this disease each year.

As a parent, there are many things that can be done to help your child feel better and to prevent the skin infections caused as a result of this contagious disease. The first line of defense is to get your child vaccinated. But below are some of the things to look out for and treatment of the disease incase your child gets the chicken pox.

One of the most common symptom of chicken pox that can be identified at an early stage is a rash that becomes itchy. Usually this rash can be first seen on the face or back and then on the rest of the body.

Some other common symptoms of chicken pox in kids are:

  • Fatigue
  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Loss of appetite

To help ease the symptoms and to assist in a faster recovery, we at Zahi Butik Organics have listed down some useful tips to treat chicken pox:

Try to keep your little one at home:

As we mentioned earlier, chicken pox is a contagious disease, hence keeping your little one at home or limiting their outside exposure or contact with other people will be helpful. Make sure your child remains indoors until all the chickenpox blisters have turned into scabs. This would usually take about a week’s time.

Soak in colloidal oatmeal baths:

Colloidal oatmeal is something that can be easily found in any pharmacy. Colloidal oatmeal is extremely useful in relieving the itching and irritation. Give your little one a lukewarm water bath with colloidal oatmeal mixed in it. After the bath you can also apply some ointment like petroleum jelly or a fragrance free anti-itch lotion to protect your little one’s skin from catching any unwanted skin infections and reduce the want to itch. Make sure that you avoid topical antibiotics which can cause an allergic reaction on the skin, unless prescribed by your child’s pediatrician.

Try to relieve the fever

Try to give your child some non-aspirin medicines that can help in relieving the fever. Avoid giving your child medications that comprise of an aspirin component in it as it can have an adverse effect on your child’s health when suffering from chicken pox.

Ensure that your child’s fingernails are trimmed

Trimming your child’s finger nails will be very helpful as it helps in preventing unwanted skin infections that can be caused as a result of scratching the blisters. You can try putting socks or mittens over the hands to avoid scratching. Also make sure that your little one doesn’t pick at the chickenpox as it can cause scarring on the skin.


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(Note: Zahi Butik Organics only provides recommendations based on best practice that a parent should follow. These recommendations should always be discussed with your doctor or paediatrician. It is always best to follow your doctors/paediatrician orders. Please contact your doctor or emergency services, in case of emergency or if your child is unwell or not responding well to recommendations provided.)


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