Home remedies for children suffering from cold

Home remedies for children suffering from cold

When a baby catches cold or flu, parents often tend to head straight to a doctor or a pharmacy store for medications. However, one needs to keep in mind that excess intake of medications at an early age (especially if your child is younger than 6 years) can be dangerous to his/her health.

Instead, parents can opt for gentle, safe remedies at home that can help to cure the child’s cold. We at Zahi Butik Organics have listed some top and effective home remedies that can help to cure cold and cough. Take a look below to know in detail:

Let your child rest

This is probably one of the most crucial remedy that needs to be followed if your child suffers from a cold. Ample amount of rest can help your child to fight the infection. Also when your child gets enough rest, the healing process fastens. Try giving him/her a break from school or kindergarten. If you’re child finds it hard to rest, make him listen to his favourite stories or poems.

Serve some hot chicken soup

A hot cup of home-made chicken soup can surely help in decreasing cold. Chicken is packed full of protein and energy and thus can be an effective ingredient to cure cough or cold. Also chicken broth can help to keep your child hydrated.

Increase the fluid intake

It is important to keep your child hydrated all day long when he/she suffers from a cold. This can help in flushing out germs & thus giving your child a speedy recovery. Try giving your child fresh fruit juices, broth and herbal tea throughout the day. This can not only keep him/her hydrated but will increase the energy level as well.

Hot baths or steam can help

Hot baths or steam can be an effective cold reliever. The warm air in a shower or steam will make it easier for your child to breathe. Also if your child loves warm baths, it can provide your child ease and comfort.

Include garlic in the diet

Garlic comprises of allicin; this is a compound that comprises of anti-bacterial properties and thus can help in curing cold in children. You can add finely chopped pieces of garlic in pasta sauce or any other food that your child loves and serve it to your little one.

Try nasal strips

Nasal strips made for small children can help in relieving the cold and stuffy nostrils. These strips are particularly good during the night-time as they can ease breathing and give your child a sound sleep. It is a perfect alternative if your child hates nasal sprays.

It is important to note that cold and flu are a common sickness in most children. Following these home remedies regularly can help in ease cold symptoms. For more tips about child health and wellness, check out our blog section here.

Note: (Zahi Butik Organics only provides recommendations based on best practice that a parent should follow. These recommendations should always be discussed with your doctor or paediatrician. It is always best to follow your doctors/paediatrician orders. Please contact your doctor or emergency services, in case of emergency or if your child is unwell or not responding well to recommendations provided.)

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