Our Story

About us

Zahi Butik- funny how this name came about.. How do I keep true to myself and not leave out the loves of my life.. my son and daughter… Zayna & Hisham.. I use the first 2 letter of both their names.. and that how ZAHI was born.

What is Zahi all about? We believe in helping people that want to help themselves, let us work with people that want to take steps in bettering their family & community.

Our Story starts with production in the western region of India from the Bustling city of Mumbai to the sleepy hills nestled in the Western Ghats. We work with organizations that employ under privileged ladies, that still hand sew clothes and blankets in the traditional style. They use remnant clothes and their artistic ability to make one of a kind dress and Jackets.

The other production unit is a small operation that operates out of the slums of Mumbai, hiring men and women that travel great distances in search of a better life for their families back home.

They are skilled artisans that use techniques taught to them by their family or friends. These factories provide safe and loving environments to work in, the factories are vetted by Zahi Owner and operator and ensure that each of clothing is not only providing unique and original design for your children to wear, but also providing for families that are under privileged and strive to make a better life for themselves.

The Organic collection will feature a blend of classic and comfortable styles.

Our Organic clothes contain only organic and natural fibers. Dressing in our organic clothes and accessories helps you look beautiful inside and out!