Things you need to know about new-born sleep

Things you need to know about new-born sleep

When a new-born child comes home for the first time, it Is a joyous occasion after of months of anticipation of meeting your new little one is the best feeling, but adjustments and responsibilities are awaiting you, which can be overwhelming.

One such baffling issue for most new parents is sleep of their new-born child. So to help all you new-parents resolve this issue, we at Zahi Butik Organics have listed down some crucial things that you need to know about new born sleep:

  • Babies can sleep up to 18 hours per day

Most parents complaint that their baby does not sleep enough. But that’s not actually true. Babies have a tendency to break down their sleep throughout the day in small intervals. This makes parents feel that their baby is not sleeping enough, but in reality the new-born is actually sleeping just enough. You can track this by making a note in a book or on your phone, parents are often distracted with daily chores and might not realize the time the baby is sleeping.

  • Babies do not stay up for too long

New-born babies can stay awake only for a short period of time (45minutes to 1 hour). This pattern gradually changes as babies grow and by six months babies can stay awake up to 3 hours at a time. Although, if your baby stays up for longer than this then it is important for you to notice the tired signals your baby gives. Staying up for too long can disrupt his sleep pattern and growth and can make him fussy. It is very important to watch out on his sleep cycle whenever he feels tired.

  • New-born babies do not understand the difference between day and night

Your baby does not recognize the difference between day and night and thus break’s his sleep in more than 7 sleep periods throughout the day and night. This sleep pattern will gradually change once your baby’s biological pattern matches your pattern of sleep.

  • New-born babies can be very noisy when asleep

Most babies are noisy sleepers. You will find your baby groaning, moaning and constantly shifting while asleep. This is completely normal and does not mean that your baby is not enjoying a sound sleep. These movements do not signal awakening or any pampering from your part.

  • Babies don’t enjoy a sleep in completely noiseless atmosphere

While your baby was in your womb he was accustomed to the constant rhythmic and symphony sound and thus making him sleep in a quiet or noiseless atmosphere can be distressing for him. Although, refrain from sharp or loud noises of clinking dishes or high television volume which can wake your new-born baby. Instead try using soothing sounds during your baby’s bedtime like white noise sounds of a heartbeat or ocean waves that can give your baby a restful and sound sleep, you can always find hour long white noise sounds on YouTube or white noise machines.