Tips to put your baby to sleep

Tips to put your baby to sleep

New-born babies generally have a very hard time between distinguishing day and night and hence can have a difficult time adjusting to the sleep schedule. However, as your baby grows a little older you can actually try to teach him or her difference between day and night and start establishing healthy sleeping habits. If your baby continues stay up all night, here are some effective tips to help you put your baby to sleep:


Have a consistent bedtime schedule

Sleep schedules or routines are extremely crucial for infants and toddlers. Try keeping a proper schedule for your little one before bedtime like story telling or a hot water bath. When your child gets used to the routine, he or she gets comfortable with the schedule and knows what’s coming next and this can help in setting up a perfect bedtime atmosphere. This way, your child’s body can automatically start getting sleepy right before the bedtime.

Set up a proper wake-up time

When you know the duration of your child’s sleep and the time when they usually go to bed you can set up a wake-up time for them. This way you set up a proper schedule for your little one and can regularise his or her sleep cycle.

Try the swaddling technique

This technique can be very effective, particularly for new-born babies. Babies feel much secured when swaddled with a blanket or with a bedsheet & can go back to sleep immediately.

Watch out for their yawn cycle

Little babies usually cannot stay awake for long durations and hence it’s important to watch their yawns closely. If your baby has been continuously yawning its time you put him or her to sleep. Missing out on these cues can make your little one feel tired and can make them cranky.

Sing a lullaby

A mother’s voice is probably one of the best music for any child. It can make your little one feel comfortable and give him or her sound and peaceful sleep. If not lullaby you can also try some white noise machines or a soothing sound as you pat your little one’s back. This way when you play a sound or sing a lullaby your child will feel warm and secure and go to sleep quickly.

We hope these tips help you put your baby to sleep. For more tips about baby care and wellness, visit our blog page here.

(Note: Zahi Butik Organics only provides recommendations based on best practice that a parent should follow. These recommendations should always be discussed with your doctor or paediatrician. It is always best to follow your doctors/paediatrician orders. Please contact your doctor or emergency services, in case of emergency or if your child is unwell or not responding well to recommendations provided.)



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